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The work on this project is continuous and arduous. "All inclusiveness" is the essence you find in all faiths, although it seems that the scriptures addressed a certain group, in reality, the address was to all people.  A person who can drive a car is more likely to drive an 18 wheeler... similar principles are applied. The message is there in all scriptures how we take depends on our experience and exposure.  None of the holy scriptures are exclusive, their interpretations are, which stem from the arrogance that mine is the only way, the final word, the final truth. Truth dawns on each individual on a daily basis, and as such it is evolving.

I need help from some one who can enliven my old Mac from 1995 - I had gathered a lot of information on it as to what each scripture said on a given topic...They were amazingly same. I have to retrieve that, once, either I retire or am done up with current projects.

One such theme is coming up at the Holocaust commemoration - Prayer theme is from Talmud "One who save a life, saves the world entire". I hope to post how each faith communicates the same message... it is coming up.

My personal inspiration for Pluralism comes from the Holy Qu'ran - the very first verse addresses the universe, so is the last one and hundreds of verses in between. Again, I reiterate that my faith appeals to me. Every faith is divine to the believer. If I ever write a line that suggests that mine has all the answers, it would amount to arrogance and God does not like that. The goodness of each faith is not dependent on the weakness of other, each faith is beautiful. I love the  language of kids... if some one says my faith is superior we ought to think "So What?"

Mike Ghouse








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