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.Dear God, help us remove the arrogance and the ignorance that my faith is the only way to worship you.


God's word is absolute, and God does not confuse the humankind..... so my faith is perfect, and it is the absolute truth. Who hasn't heard this? You are welcome to share your thoughts, please send your comments to


No issues with that. Friends, some of us take the meaning of the word as the word itself and some others try to see the meaning of those words. One group is chained to the words, where as the other sees the applicability and meaning of those words. Typically the Fundamentalist limit themselves to the literal meaning of the words and the whole majority of the population sees the general meaning of the words.

Often I wonder, if two people can prove to each other that the Peach Cobbler is superior to Apple Pie or Vice Versa? Whatever reason they come up, with may not be acceptable by all; texture, sweetness, taste(?), feelings, chemical content, number of atoms etc.  Faith is blind; either you have the appetite for Peach Cobbler or not.

Arrogance is the root cause of evil.  It was the arrogance that caused Inquisitions, Crusades, 911, World Wars, Bosnia, Chechnya.... and all most all of them used Religion to fend off the fear and insecurities.  Religion was never the problem, indeed without Religion there would have been a much more chaotic world.

Most prayers have God in it, and almost always we keep reiterating the smallness and mortality of us by putting God on pedestal. It's God's constant way of saying to us, that our happiness lies in non-arrogance, that our peace of mind comes from non-arrogance and that non-arrogance also brings Nirvana, Moksha, Mukti, Nijaat or Salvation.  God doesn't care whether we are arrogant or not, but he does care how we treat the 6 Billion, 999 Million, 999 thousand and 999 other humans he has created.

 In the next few weeks, I will post some of the articles that offer  great value in understanding an developing an attitude of respect to other points of view, one such piece that has influenced me most is by Rabbi Gordis. ( I will be transferring the following columns from my other website to this shortly)


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