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Festivals, Celebrations & Commemorations : January  2009  December 2008

You may enjoy knowing about the people you live amidst, what they celebrate or commemorate.  An attempt will be made to write a short summary about each such event, it will be with the intention of grasping the idea, knowing the essence of it and certainly not to become an expert on it. If you have a good piece on any one of the events below, please share the link or the essay to be shared with my world.  Meanwhile, please refer to the Glossary of terms for a brief description. We will be updating this throughout the month to catch up with every event listed here or added from your contribution.

Jan 1, Thursday :: New Year - Celebration of new calendar year
Jan 1, Thursday ::  Shogatsu - Shinto New Year

Jan 1, Thursday :: Feast of St. Basil -   Orthodox Christian - Orthodox Christian commemoration of St Basil t he Great, who wrote a Eucharist Liturgy which bears his name. 

Jan 2, Friday ::  Brigid's Day - Pagan - dedicated to the Celtic goddess Brigid. 
Jan 5, Monday :: Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday - Sikh  -
Sikh honoring of the birth of the founder of the Khalsa who lived from 1469 -1539 c.e.  He is the 9th Guru who gave a finality to Sikh faith, although Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism's holy book  is considered the 10th and final Guru.

Jan 6, Tuesday :: 10th Tevet - Jewish - A Jewish day of fasting in remembrance of the destruction of the Temple in 586 b.c.e. and 70 c.e.

Jan 6, Tuesday :: Feast of the Theophany - Christian - Orthodox Christian Feast to recall the revelation of the Holy Trinity in the baptism of the Lord.

Jan 7, Wednesday :: Yom -e- Ashura -   Islam - Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh)  Grandson, Imam Hussain (ra), was martyred on this date in 683/684 AD in the battle of Karbala fighting against a corrupt ruler to bring just rule. Also it is an Islamic optional one day fast recognizing the Creation, Noah's departure from the ark, and the saving of Moses from Pharaoh. 

Jan 11, Sunday ::  Mahayana New Year - Mahayana Buddhism

Jan 14, Wednesday :: Makara Sankranti - Hindu - A Hindu celebration marking turning of the sun toward the north. Observed by flying kites, feeding the poor and offering liberation to the dead.

Jan 18, Sunday :: World Religion Day - Baha'i - Baha'i sponsored day dedicated to the unity and oneness of all world religions. 

Jan 19, Monday :: Martin Luther King Day

Jan 27, Tuesday :: Holocaust Memorial Day - UN Declaration

Jan 31, Saturday :: Vasanta Panchami - Hindu  - Hindu celebration dedicated to Saraswati, goddess of learning.

Please join us to reflect upon the II Annual Holocaust and Genocides. Let's make room in our hearts for the precious feelings for human helplessness. Kindly mark your calendars for 7:00 - 9:15 PM on Saturday, January 24th, 2009. Details at:  www.HolocaustandGenocides.org


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